• • Finest Ceylon Tea for the first time in our region
  • • Stassen is a synonym for the finest Ceylon tea that is produced on our own plantations.
  • • Stassen plantations are among the best plantations in the world
  • • Stassen Tea is 100% pure Ceylon Tea single origin
  • • The production process is controlled from the tea seedlings to the final product
  • • Tea produced on Stassen plantations reaches consumers within 2 months of production
  • • Stassen is certificated Pure Ceylon Tea with guaranteed quality
  • • Stassen Tea package contains 25 tea bags in paper envelopes packed in high quality cardboard and cellulose additionally protected from external influences cellophane
  • • Stassen Teas do not contain GMOs and allergens
  • • Stassen Black Tea is naturally rich with potassium


From pleasure to health

Just a flower picked with skillful hand can be taken away from Ceylon fields and it seems somehow touching in this technological epoch of megalopolis. The warmth itself of human hands in this natural process somehow associates on concept of humanity and health. Such a way produced tea from large and whole, hand-bended and then naturally dried leaves, is much respected.

Surely this is a way of preserving it’s the most precious ingredients, which is why this tea is famous.  Firstly, this liquid possesses zero caloric value and is a natural source of vitamins and minerals needed for cell development. Priceless is a greater source of antioxidant substances from any fruit or vegetable. Antioxidants, it is worth reiterating, participate in chemical protection of cells from so-called free radicals that damage the cell, weak immune system of the body and accelerate the aging process. Recent studies have shown that because of their chemical structure and naturally healthy attributes, daily drunk of four cups of Black or Green Ceylon tea by 70% reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including several types of cancer, for example oral and digestive tract.

The color and flavor, and pungency of tea in large extent depend on the altitude at which the plant is raised. Do not be confused if the color is brighter than you expected. It just means that the flower grew at a higher altitude, but it will therefore delight you with more powerful and richer taste.

If you are curious enough or if you find all of this about the harmony of body and spirit well-known, however, when you insert a package Black or Green Ceylon tea in the list for the weekly shopping, put a flower in addition, as a reminder.

Just drawing of crowned lion and label "Pure Ceylon Tea packed in Sri Lanka" guarantees its origin. Experience is up to you!