About Tea


Scientific studies confirmed that Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant, which effectively protects the body from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Green Tea is a good natural cure for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, lipid and eliminates depressive thoughts and even, thanks to fluorine, prevents the development of tooth decay.

We should not ignore its use for the preservation and beauty of the body, because Green Tea has a beneficial effect on the skin, is good in the fight against cellulite (encourages microcirculation), prevents obesity, it is useful for the treatment of acne, dandruff.

Green Tea is a good diuretic, reduces fat absorption and increases the body’s ability to burn calories ingested, which is increasingly used as an effective natural remedy for weight loss. Green Tea catechins such as EGCG (polyphenols) are verified ingredients which improve the metabolism and ensure successful regulation of the weight.

Scientists at Rutgers University have recently published the results of the study in the journal Food and Function, which explains the synergy between drinking Green Tea and health improvements thanks to polyphenols and flavonoids in Green Tea.
They found that Green Tea catechins show a much stronger characteristics of the antioxidants than vitamins C and E, and recommended drinking Green Tea to reduce the risk of many malignancies.

When preparing Green Tea the most important is not to allow the water to boil, do not leave tea in the water more than 60 seconds, otherwise you will significantly reduce the useful properties of Green Tea.

Nature provides us with countless ways to prevent the disease and treatment of major diseases, Green Tea deserves our attention and respect, in order to fight cancerous diseases also in reversing the effects of stress and preventing excessive and premature aging.

The recommended daily dose of Green Tea is 3-4 cups.


Black Tea has a long tradition and a long list of healing properties. Thanks to its qualities, this is by far the most popular and best-selling tea in the Western world. By us is unjustly neglected. Black tea is actually darker ‘brother’ of green tea because both come from the same plant, whose Latin name is Camellia sinensis. In production process one of the most important factors is the level of fermentation (oxidation). Black Tea is fully fermented and so got a dark color and pervasive rich taste.

Stassen Black Tea is rich with potassium, a mineral – electrolyte, which regulates the acidity and alkalinity of the body fluids and helps control blood pressure. This element controls the electrical activity of the heart, builds proteins and carbohydrates helps decomposition. The regular consumption of Black Tea prevents clogging of the arteries that leads to heart attack and brain.

The caffeine in Black Tea irritate the cerebral cortex, which contributes to better understand things and quickly connect mind. This automatically makes all the intellectual action is done with less effort: easier to learn, remember, communicate. Black Tea refreshes, minimizing fatigue and sleepiness. Also affects the better work of muscles and reflexes, so favors athletes and other persons whose quick reactions are essential. Thanks to caffeine and its effect on the respiratory center improves the function of breathing, increases lung ventilation, which contributes to making it easier to breathe and feel comfortable.

Regarding its antioxidant properties, they are right next to the green tea from which it is widely known, as they are very similar and complete composition.

For true lovers of tea quality Black Tea is a true pleasure.

Try Stassen Teas flavored with mango, orange, strawberry, pineapple and bergamot and feel the richness of taste and quality of our teas.

When cooking black tea is most important not to allow the water to boil, do not leave tea in the water more than 60 seconds, otherwise you will significantly reduce the useful properties of black tea.

The recommended daily dose of black tea is 3-4 cups.

At Milton Schiffenbauer Pace University has been established that Black and Green Tea deactivates viruses, including the herpes. According to some research, black tea destroys bacteria, especially those that can pollute the digestive organs and cause diarrhea. Drinking a cup of black tea have a chance to destroy bacteria and viruses in the mouth.

If you now ask yourself what is the better choice for you: Green or Black Tea, feel free to decide alone, and you will not make a mistake.

Stassen brings Pure Ceylon Tea with many natural flavors: