About us

Stassen Ltd. Belgrade is the importer and distributor Stassen LTD Tea from Sri Lanka.

Stassen is synonymous for the best Ceylon tea.

With its own prestigious tea plantations, Stassen exports teas to over than 80 countries across five continents.

Stassen is pioneer in commercially viable production of Green tea in Sri Lanka, as well as the producer of Organic Green, Organic Black teas and Organic hand-made teas. Internationally recognized and known as the world’s first-ever internationally certified Organic Tea Garden, Stassen is the first manufacturer of certified organic tea in the world, with annual production of over 200 tons of world’s most authentic and pure teas. Over the years Stassen teas have been consistent winners renowned for superior quality.

In striving for excellence the accomplishments along the way remain a testament to success of Stassen teas. Stassen plantations are among the best plantations in Asia: Stassen tea is 100% pure Ceylon tea single origin. Production of Stassen tea takes place in a strictly controlled environment under the supervision of the best Tea experts. The production process is controlled by the tea seedlings to the final product.

The tea produced in Stassen tea gardens reaches the consumers within 2 months of production. Thus, the consumer is able to realize the true freshness and quality of the tea.

Our mission, Stassen Ltd Belgrade, is to provide tea lovers the opportunity to enjoy the unique and supreme tea from Sri Lanka: Stassen – The Best Ceylon tea.