New Stassen products

Before we present you two new Stassen products, we would like to introduce you something about its origin, quality and healing properties.

Green and black tea come from the same plant – Camellia sinensis.
The difference between black and green tea is in the degree of fermentation or oxidation. In black tea, this process is brought to an end, which is why it has a dark color. The taste of black tea is specific because it comes from fermented juices full of aroma, which are stored on the list by drying.

The biggest difference between green and black tea is in the amount of caffeine they own. The longer the fermentation of tea, the greater is the amount of caffeine in it. That’s why many people decide for black tea instead of coffee when they need caffeine.
If you have decided to replace coffee with black tea, choose a quality black tea. We suggest Pure Ceylon Tea, known as the best tea in the world.

Caffeine in black tea affects the corpus of the big brain, thanks to which we understand things better and connect our thoughts more quickly. With the help of caffeine in black tea it is easier to learn, remember, communicate, while reducing the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness.
In addition to assisting in performing intellectual activities, caffeine in black tea affects the workings of muscles and reflexes, which is especially important for athletes and for people who are (for example, because of work) important rapid reactions.

Stassen offers two new Orange Pekoe Black Tea packs: Pure Ceylon Black Tea of 250gr and Pure Ceylon Black Tea in a knitted basket of 100gr.

Stassen teas are teas with origin – they are produced on their own Stassen plantations in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), without the use of chemicals, artificial colors and flavors. Stassen Tea is 100% Pure Ceylon Tea, Orange Pekoe, GMO free.

Orange Pekoe is a classification of black tea based on the origin of the leaf. In order to classify tea as Pekoe, it must consist exclusively young buds picked together with two youngest leaves. (Any other leaves give lower quality tea).
The common misconception about this tea is that the Orange Pekoe is a type of orange flavor  tea or that it is in any way associated with orange, and in fact,  the name Orange Pekoe has nothing to do with the taste of tea.

Tea was first imported into Europe by the Netherlands in 1610, first green tea from Japan, and shortly thereafter Chinese teas that were so successfully sold to keep the term Orange Pekoe up to date.
The name Pekoe is derived from Bai Hao (or Pak-Ho), the Chinese word for the white peak, referring to a bud of white fluff as an unmistakable sign of youthfulness, and thus delicacy of this tea.

The first teas of this quality brought in the Netherlands had to be presented to the royal family House of Orange and the Dutch public tea Bai Hao promoted as Orange Pekoe to emphasize the royal guarantee. Hence the name Orange Pekoe.

All Stassen teas are Pekoe, and it’s up to you to decide which one you will try. Whatever you choose – you will not make a mistake!

Note: by the end of February, there is an ongoing action – a gift of Stassen cup for each order online.

Goodness of Black Tea  

Black tea has proven to diminishes the feeling of fatigue and drowsiness, it affects the better functioning of muscles and reflexes, and therefore it suits athletes. Caffeine improves breathing function, increases ventilation of the lungs, which leads to a more overall feeling. Black tea stimulates the heart and blood circulation.

Black tea has an antioxidant properties which means fewer free radicals, the greater the protection against cancer, and the body’s aging more slowly. Both black and green tea deactivate viruses, destroying bacteria especially those that endanger digestion.

Crni čaj i njegovo dejstvo još nije dovoljno ispitano, ali postoje istraživanja koja pokazuju da on ima preventivno dejstvo kod nekih  malignih oboljenja. To se pripisuje polifenolima i katehinima koje crni čaj sadrži. Posebno zapaženo dejstvo crni čaj ima kod žena jer one žene koje ga konzumiraju imaju manje šanse da obole od raka jajnika. Preporučljiv je da se pije tokom menopauze jer štiti kosti i zglobove, smanjuje pojavu artritisa i oboljenje zglobova u poznim godinama.

Black tea and its effect have not yet been adequately tested, but there are studies showing that it has a preventative effect in some malignant diseases. This is attributed to polyphenols and catechins that black tea contains. Especially notable effect of black tea has on women because women who consume it are less likely to develop ovarian cancer. It is recommended to drink black tea during menopause because it protects the bones and joints, reduces the occurrence of arthritis and joint disease in old age.

Black tea prevents type 2 diabetes if it is consumed in a quantity of two cups a day. It also contains an alkylamine, an antigen which increases the immune system, thus protecting the health of those who use it. In addition, black tea facilitates the flow of blood to the brain, stimulates metabolism and positively affects the heart and kidneys. Black tea is still good in vomiting, it improves the flow of urine, reduces the risk of stroke, helps with headaches, improves mental abilities memory and learning, helps with weight loss, reduces symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, helps relieve stress.